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Economy ECU Calibration Turbo-Diesel Only

When we calibrate your vehicle’s ECU software we adjust the torque curve, turbo limits, fuelling & many other parameters to optimize your vehicles ability to be able to reduce fuel consumption considerably. The economy Remap is a very popular choice with large fleet owners AND individuals, where the extra mpg improvement counts on the bottom line profit and overall fuel economy of your vehicle.

BHP Increase 5-10%

Torque Increase 10-15%

MPG Gains 10-20%

Smoother Power Delivery

Less Turbo Lag

Sharper Throttle Response

Fewer Gear Changes

All Around More Responsive Drive

We can only report fuel saving that our customer report back to us. The commonly reported increase in fuel economy is between 10-20% for the option of calibration. Once your vehicle has been re-calibrated you will find that your vehicle will have a new lease of life.

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